I wanted to use the key combination 'Fn+F2' to lock my computer with xscreensaver, but wasn't sure how to represent this key combination in the awesome wm rc.lua configuration file. Unfortunately you can't just insert combinations using 'Fn' like you would 'Ctrl', instead you must use the relevant 'Fn' combination keycode.

It turns out that you can use a tool called xev to print out events such as keypresses that occur in a X11 window. Running xev and pressing the desired key combination will output to a terminal information for this event, including the keycode. Doing this I discovered that 'Fn+F2' translated into keycode 160.

Adding the following to the key binding section of my rc.lua worked great.

awful.key({}, "#160", function () awful.util.spawn("xscreensaver-command -lock") end),

This was posted on Fri 31 Oct 2014 (4 years, 7 months ago) by Ryan McConville
June 5, 2019, 9:34 a.m. (1 week, 3 days ago)

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I finally got the chance to skype my mom about staying in Korea for another year and let me just say. It was most certainly not pretty. It was the beginer I saw her cry like that and shes the type that never cries. basically we were both crying, We were both yelling at each other additionally. I just couldnt discover why shes taking it so hard. She kept bringing up HM and I didnt want to bring him into the image ( despite the he is clearly why I am staying ) But I didnt want to admit that to my mom because i understand how much it will worry her even more. She just kept bringing up how were not right for each other with the whole language barrier and if he follows me to America that can compare with he can do job wise. extremely nothing decent. And shes like why would you would want to live a hard life like that. She just could really like me to be back at home and I <a href=http://www.prweb.com/releases/charmingdate/charmingdate_scam_protect/prweb11792473.htm>charmdate review</a> can see how much me being away is slowly killing her inside. Am I being too selfish? Im just pondering over my own happiness. mother and father are both sad and Im kinda ignoring that fact and still want to stay because of HM. I may regret this eventually, But currently I cant bring myself to leave Korea yet. I think if I were to go home right at the end of November and break up with HM, I can be really unhappy and depressed at home. I experimented with relay that to my mom, But she was too caught up in their own emotions. I even got my manager to give me an extra week off keep away from so I can be home for about 1.5 weeks but she said she go for me not go home. She said theres no point for me being there for a day or two and leaving them again. It just makes it more difficult for them. Sigh. I dont can deal. Its either I do what I want even stay happy with HM, But have mom and dad sad and lonely OR make mother and father happy by going home and have myself be sad and depressed. LIFESo I guess I was wondering if there was any ways to connection dudes from around the world. I not picky on the country or race (Though I do hold a special place in my life blood for black men). my husband and i

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Finally talked to my mom yesterday about finding comfort Korea. And it was negative. Nothing got sorted out. I tried to tell her to be more open with HM and give him a chance regarding judging him with what she thinks its the truth ( Him needing to date me to learn English or move to America ) So much ugly sobbing came from me and even 'till the end nothing changed. I locked myself in my room to calm down for a short and my dad came to talk to me. That was the first time hes ever done that. basically. He talked to me gently while attempting to keep my hands. That never develops. Hes your typical Asian dad that doesnt express his reactions much. So I came down to shocked and hurt because it just shows how serious this topic is. He smiled and told me he wasnt against HM, But more that my parents are worried how we will live together in later life with communication problems, And how that would create more problems again. Also the topic either me being an ESL teacher until no one wants to hire me because im not young anymore, Or wtf HM can do if he moves to America since he cant speak english language. Sigh. He told me give some thought to it again before I make any decisions, But I dont have time! I need to tell my hagwon irrespective of whether Im going back and would need to start my visa process again. AHHHHHH. Does anyone have any similar suffers and can share their stories with me?International Dating Sites the best option

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Ukraine beside has many dissimilar advantages inclusive fairly unexpensive restuarants and hotels, in spite of this cities analogon equivalently kiev can be compared to many Northwest European cities, Kiev is a very wide city with new departmental stores, Hotels and restuarants popping up all over the place.

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