How to Mount a Remote Filesystem using SSHFS

Sometimes I am running experiments on a remote computer but doing the analysis of the experiments on
a local computer. Rather than manually copying or periodically syncing the results data for analysis, it's easier to mount the remote directory locally so that the remote files can be treated as if they are on the local filesystem. SSHFS (SSH Filesystem)
is one such tool that allows you to do this. All you need is SSH access to the remote server and SSHFS installed on the client.

The following instructions were tested on Ubuntu 12.04.
apt-get install sshfs
Now that sshfs is installed we can use it to mount the remote filesystem locally. First we will make a directory where we would like the remote filesystem mounted.
mkdir ~/rfs
Now we use sshfs to mount the remove filesystem...
sshfs user@dest:/dir/anotherdir ~/rfs
..and lets check the contents of the remote directory we just mounted.
ls ~/rfs
If you want to unmount the remote filesystem you can do so with the following...
fusermount -u ~/rfs
This was posted on Wed 03 Sep 2014 (4 years, 10 months ago) by Ryan McConville