Limiting Bandwidth with trickle

I have a lot of data and I would like to keep this data safe. For example, I have way too many pictures going back way too long, and I would like to keep these forever !

That means I need a good data backup strategy, and for this I have mostly settled on a combination of tools and scripts. Perhaps I'll write about my backup strategy in detail in the future. For this post it will suffice to say that the tool which handles the backup is duplicity (bonus, encrypted!) and one of the remote locations it backs up to is , which I highly recommend.

So far, can accept my data at the fastest rate I can push it. However this typically means that the rest of my Internet experience suffers when backups are running as my bandwidth is being saturated.
I had a little look around and came across a nice little tool called tricke which can limit the download/upload bandwidth of a process, all in userland!

It seems to be quite configurable but all I had to do was prepend 'trickle -u 800' to my backup scripts to limit duplicity to using at most 800Kb/s of my upload bandwidth. I quickly verified this with nethogs . Perfect!
This was posted on Fri 08 Jan 2016 by Ryan McConville