QUB Wifi (qub_sec) Phone Settings

EDIT: qub_sec has been deprecated and replaced by _QUB_WiFi. You can find the settings for _QUB_WiFi here .

The settings for the Queen's University Belfast wireless network can be hard to find (for me at least) and when actually found the settings are buried in some PDF file, so I'm posting them here for convenience.

EAP Method: TTLS
Phase 2 Authentication: PAP
Identity: student number
Anonymous Identity: leave blank
Wireless Password: your password

You can optionally choose to use the CA Certificate to verify the authenticity of the qub_sec connection. I'm hosting a copy here for my own conveience .

The names of the fields above are from my Android phone, and they are similar using NetworkManager on Linux. I haven't tried on iOS but it's probably similar too.
This was posted on Sun 24 Aug 2014 (4 years, 10 months ago) by Ryan McConville