_QUB_WiFi Settings

So QUB have begun rolling out a new WiFi solution across the campus, deprecating qub_sec.
The settings for _QUB_WIFI have changed, so for convenience sake I'll list them here.

EAP Method (Authentication): PEAP
Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
Identity: student number
Anonymous Identity: leave blank
Wireless Password: your password

Unlike before, after the first time you connect to _QUB_WiFi you need to sign in via some sort of web based portal. Going straight to Google or Facebook won't work due to HTTPS, so try example.com in order to be redirected to the _QUB_WiFi sign in page.

I've tested this on my Linux computer and Android phone.
This was posted on Thu 07 Jan 2016 by Ryan McConville